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Awful Reason No. 487539475346 To Go To Law School: You Might Fall In Love

‘I love drowning in debt with you, sweetie!’

So you want to go to law school, huh? Well, you better be going to get a JD instead of an MRS — unless you’re going to law school in the Deep South. If that’s the case, then perhaps you’re expecting your degree to be accompanied by an apron. For the guys, it looks like you don’t even have to be in Texas anymore to get your 3500 square-foot wife.

One Southern school seems to be using the possibility of finding romance as one of its marketing ploys. Perhaps if prospective students think they’ll be getting something out of law school other than a raw deal, a mountain of debt, and grim job prospects, they’ll be more likely to enroll.

Because apparently two miserable lawyers are better than one….

Here’s a video sent to us by a tipster about a law school love story that’s prominently featured on the homepage for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s William H. Bowen School of Law. Let’s take a look:

Needless to say, we’re completely “gobsmacked” that a law school would attempt to prey upon people’s wallets vis-à-vis their lonely hearts. But on the other hand, if you’re so desperate to find love that you’re willing to stake your entire financial future on it, then perhaps you deserve everything that’s coming to you.

Law schools shouldn’t double as matchmaking services, but if you were lured into going to law school after watching this video, you should take this into consideration: if for some reason your law school romance goes sour after you’ve tied the knot, it’s much easier to get divorced if your other half isn’t a lawyer. Hope that helps!

UPDATE (10:30 P.M.): The law school has since removed the video from its website, but just like the principal on a student loan repaid via IBR, Skye and Jonathan’s “Bowen love story” will be around for all eternity.

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