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Busta Rhymes Comes Out of Hiding to Rap for Lawyers

‘If you really wanna party with me…’

Most professional conferences for lawyers are painfully boring. You register, engage in awkward small talk with other attendees, and the time spent listening to the speakers’ presentations is often interrupted by incessant watch-checking to see if time is, in fact, going in slow motion. We’re willing to bet that most lawyers would rather subject themselves to the evils of document review than continue to suffer through another monotonous, days-long conference.

But what if in exchange for all of that never-ending boredom, the conference host was gracious enough to provide all of the lawyers present with the concert experience of their lives?

That’s a respite from torture that everyone would be willing to pay for….

This week, the American Association for Justice held one of its members-only conventions in Miami Beach, Florida. At the closing of what we’re sure was an otherwise thrilling event, a special guest was pulled out of obscurity to put some flava in everyone’s ears: it was none other than… Busta Rhymes? *record scratch*

Ugh… sigh. You know a rapper’s career is coming to an end when he’s forced to resort to performing for a group of people wearing suits, ties, and suspenders. Next thing you know, he’ll be on a VH1 dating show. But, given his extensive criminal history, he probably owed at least one of the lawyers in the crowd a favor.

Here are some additional details on Busta’s performance from Alex Aldridge over at Legal Cheek:

“Any old lawyers? Any old attorneys? Any old powerful legal representation? Let me show you how to get you guys rollin’!” bellows Rhymes in the clip, before breaking into song.

And here’s the clip in question (though we question if he’s saying “any old” as opposed to “a-yo”):

Ahh, the things we be doin’ for money, eh Busta?

Has There Ever Been A More Unlikely Legal Conference Attendee Than Busta Rhymes? [Legal Cheek]

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