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Law Firm Partner Allegedly Threatened to Whip Secretary for Being a ‘Bad Girl’

‘Get on your knees and beg for that file!’

Has anyone seen that movie Secretary? It’s about a law firm love affair — woman gets released from mental hospital, gets a job as a legal secretary, and enters into a BDSM relationship with her boss. Pretty standard, really, because you’d have to have some sadomasochistic tendencies to willingly subject yourself to a partner’s whims on a daily basis.

As some of you know (admit it, you do), when these illicit law firm relationships occur, they’re usually only discussed in secret behind closed doors. But when one of the those allegedly involved is an unwilling participant, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, and your darkest sexual proclivities will be revealed for all the world to see.

Despite the fact that many women wish they had a Christian Grey to dominate them, it’s a little less sexy when the man who’s allegedly at the center of this would-be torrid affair is just shy of his full retirement age. But hey, even old farts are allowed to dream.

Let’s find out who the players are in this failed office romance. Be sure to remember your safe word….

The New York Post has the story of 64-year-old Herbert Waichman’s alleged enchantment with all that’s BDSM. Waichman is one of the founding partners of Parker Waichman LLP, a small firm based in New York. When Waichman filed suit against two of his former colleagues on behalf of the firm for alleged client poaching, all of the dirt on Waichman’s purportedly sordid desires started to spill out into the public domain:

Herbert Waichman

The founder of a prominent Manhattan law firm allegedly told his secretary that she was a “bad girl” in need of a whipping, e-mailed her pornographic images and planted kisses on her, the woman testified.

“It was a crazy, insane place. I just wanted out of there,” the secretary, Michelle Mauro, testified in Nassau County Court about Herbert Waichman of Parker Waichman LLP.

In all fairness, sometimes legal secretaries and paralegals need to be whipped into shape — but not with actual whips, an activity it seems Waichman allegedly craved, both in his bedroom and in his boardroom:

“He said, ‘Don’t let me have to get my whip! Don’t let me have to whip you. Stop being a bad girl. I’ll get my whip!’ ” she recalled on the stand.

Waichman, 64, kept a whip in the office, she said.

Don’t let me have to get my whip? With all due respect, if Waichman actually kept a whip in the office, he probably had to excuse himself to do some “legal research” on after allegedly making those threats. If only Waichman were a little younger, then perhaps Mauro would’ve been interested in becoming his sexytary. Alas, it’s difficult to participate in bedroom billing when you’re liable to break your partner’s hip.

In other news, we hear Parker Waichman may be in need of a new legal secretary — but as a word of warning, you should only apply if you’re into the real freaky-deaky sh*t.

Lawyer cracks ‘the whip’ [New York Post]

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