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One Of The Funniest S#*$r B$@l Ads You’ll See This Year Makes Fun Of NFL Trademarks

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It’s almost that time of year again, when many of us lesser beings will gather together to watch super-human men on all manner of PEDs and deer antler urine sprays smack each other around while an oblong leather ball sits somewhere in the background. We’ll leap for the pizza and chili like salmon during mating season while, between whistles, obligatory commercials with Avatar-like production budgets glow at us. That’s right sports fans, it’s [editor redacted] time!

Wait, hey! What the hell? I said it’s [editor redacted] time! Oh, come on. I can’t say [editor redacted]? Fine, what about a euphamism, like [editor redacted]? No, can’t say that either? Maybe [editor redacted]? Damn it, this is stupid. I’m talking about something that rhymes with “Pooper Hole” (heh, got you, editor!)….

Fortunately for our entertainment sensabilities, Samsung decided this year to combine a distaste for trademark stupidity and our concept of advertising being content in this gem of a spot.

Pictured: million dollar passive aggression

Yes, Samsung has decided to do a game-that-shan’t-be-named commercial making fun of how the NFL is overly aggressive with their trademarks. I’d call Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd’s delivery “brilliant,” but that’d be like referring to Natalie Portman as “mildly attractive,” and even I have some damned sense, people. The NFL likes to toss around a great deal of words and pretend like they’re true even when they’re not, especially when it comes to trademarks. This spot uses the absurdity of it all to highlight how aggressive they are. Maybe it will even open up an eye or two to the silliness of the ever-growing permission culture.

One Of The Funniest S#*$r B$@l Ads You’ll See This Year Makes Fun Of NFL Trademarks [Techdirt]

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