Well, a piece of me would want her to become a justice instead of a person on television….

– Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in response to Stephen Colbert’s question — “When you go to the Bronx and you see a young girl on a playground there, do you think, ‘That child has the same opportunities I had when I was a child’?” — posed during last night’s episode of the Colbert Report. Sotomayor seemed generally confused, but attempted to play it off as if she had just pulled one over on Colbert.

(Continue reading to see a clip of the interview in question.)

In the interview, Sotomayor reported there’s a study that tracks laughter at the Supreme Court, and she ranks relatively low on the scale. We are shocked, just shocked!

Here’s the video; judge for yourself:

For the love of God, go buy her book (affiliate link) — maybe she’ll be able to afford a better sense of humor.

Video: Sonia Sotomayor [Colbert Report]
A Taxonomy of Supreme Court Humor [New York Times]

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