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The Harlem Shake Takes Law Schools By Storm

When videos go viral online, sometimes law students decide to let their freak flags fly and have some fun on film. Such is the case with the recent Harlem Shake phenomenon. If you’ve ever seen our Law Revue Video Contest, these videos are kind of like that, only shorter (and seemingly taped while all of the participants are tweaking out of their minds).

Don’t know what the Harlem Shake is? You’re about to find out….

This dance craze started in Harlem way back in the 80s, and then came back when Baauer released a techno song of the same name in 2011. Two weeks ago, four masked men put out a video on YouTube of themselves dancing, nay flailing, while wearing adult onesies of the Green Man suit variety. This was followed by a video of a guy in a helmet dancing while his friends go about their business, and then when the bass drops in the Baauer song, everyone joins in with varying degrees of dancing, spasming, seizuring, and air humping. According to YouTube, there are about 12,000 Harlem Shake videos, with more than 44 million views.

So, let’s get to the law schools. Thus far, only three schools have sent us in their videos. We know there may be more hiding out there, so feel free to send ’em on in to us via email! They’re interesting, to say the least.

We’ll start off with UC Davis, the second-place finisher in our 2011 Law Revue Video Contest. This one takes place during a legal research and writing class. The only punctuation mark needed here is the interrobang:

Next up is Florida State, with bonus points awarded for the “Motion to Party” t-shirt and the dancing cow. This one takes place in a moot courtroom. Does backing that thang up on the witness count as badgering?

And finally, we’ve got Columbia Cornell Law. It was filmed in their notorious law library, but unfortunately, Cammy Knight didn’t jump out and wave around her vibrator for a round of synchronized masturbation:

So which law school did the best Harlem Shake? We’ll that up to you, our readers. Vote here in our poll!

Which law school's Harlem Shake was the best?

  • Florida State (42%, 1,068 Votes)
  • UC Davis (38%, 972 Votes)
  • Cornell (20%, 497 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,536

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P.S. Get ready for the 2013 Law Revue Video Contest. We’ll have more details for you in just a few weeks.

The Harlem Shake Has Exploded [YouTube Trends]

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