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Cory Booker: The Perfect Wingman for This Seyfarth Shaw Associate

When it comes to marriage proposals, some guys are completely clueless. Perhaps your girlfriend said she’d once dreamed of getting engaged in a castle. Your friends, if they’re any good, will quickly advise you that you’re a moron for thinking you can pop the question at the local White Castle. Usually your best bros, or your wingmen, will be able to help you to see the error of your ways, and get you back on the right track.

And that’s why it’s great to have a wingman like Mayor Cory Booker. Not only is he handsome, but he’s also incredibly intelligent — Stanford for college, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, Yale for law school. Oh, and he’s a famous politician who’s social media savvy (and not in an Anthony Weiner kind of way), so that’s a good thing.

The dashing young mayor of Newark, New Jersey is pretty good at saving things, too. The list of things he’s saved is quite long, and ranges from freezing dogs to damsels in distress in burning buildings.

So why not save a marriage proposal?

The Twitter-happy mayor is usually quick to respond to his constituents, so when a young associate from Seyfarth Shaw asked him for help with a surprise marriage proposal, Booker was more than happy to come in with the assist. After all, the would-be groom, Israel Burns, had attended Rutgers-Newark School of Law.

BuzzFeed has the details on what happened next in this Booker-turned-Cupid proposal plan:

Burns was planning on taking [Misha] Wright, 35, and also a lawyer, to the Asian American Bar Association of New York’s annual dinner at Cipriani Wall — where the couple met this time last year — and he wanted the proposal to take place at the event.

He asked Booker over Twitter if he’d be in New York Wednesday night. No, said Booker, but he still wanted to help.

After connecting by phone — “his vibe was excited to help out,” Burns said of the call — he and the mayor came up with a game plan. Booker wouldn’t appear in person at the event, but would make a cameo, by phone.

Israel Burns and Misha Wright

Apparently Burns handed his phone to his then-girlfriend, saying he had to go to the bathroom, and headed upstairs. Booker then called the phone and told Wright that he was upstairs in the VIP section, where he had found her soon-to-be fiancé. As Burns expected, Wright “freak[ed] out,” and sprinted up the stairs. Whether she did that because she was excited to meet Cory Booker or because she wanted to slap Burns in the face for neglecting to tell her that he was friends with the dapper mayor whom she adored is unknown, but it ended in a happily engaged couple.

Burns and Wright are currently vacationing in the Dominican Republic to celebrate their engagement. “Taking a few minutes out of my hectic day to be a small part of that was a gift to me,” said Booker to BuzzFeed. Booker congratulated the happy couple on Twitter.

It’s good to know that Yale Law graduates like Cory Booker are capable of accomplishing Superman-esque feats, because soon, he may have to swoop in to save the Democratic party for the 2016 election.

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