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Foxy Knoxy Appeal — Come on Italy, It’s Done. Get Over It.

The case of Amanda Konx — nicknamed “Foxy Knoxy” by tabloid editors unwilling to let an attractive woman in the news live without a childish play on words — is back in Italian court, for what Knox hopes is the last time.

Knox, the American college student charged with killing another student while studying abroad in Italy, spent four years in jail before her murder conviction was overturned, but she deserved that jail time just for being a student at the University of Washington. Huck the Fuskies.

Now her case is back in Italian court…

If you weren’t caught up on the Amanda Knox legal drama, then… well, then there’s very little chance you’ve clicked this jump. But, just for the sake of recap, Italy charged the American student and her Italian boyfriend with murdering her British roommate in an orgy gone wrong, marking the first time anyone ever placed “orgy” and “wrong” in the same sentence.

Knox beat back her conviction last year. Whether she was innocent or guilty is a matter of debate, but her exoneration ended most argument over her guilt. Except among Italian prosecutors, contending before Italy’s top court in a closed-door hearing today that she should be retried:

Knox’s lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova said Thursday that the hearing by Italy’s highest appeals court would last no longer than a day. He said during the same hearing the court will consider Knox’s appeal of her conviction for slander for falsely accusing a bar owner of being involved in the murder in the university town of Perugia.

Come on Italy. You lost. Marcia Clark didn’t get a new trial for O.J. where she got to say: “You know what? Leave the gloves on the table.”

Knox, now back in her Seattle home, reportedly signed a $4 million book deal in February.

Not sure why it’s worth $4 million to explain the inside of an Italian jail cell, but (1) if the new millionaire is looking for a new boyfriend, I’m available; and (2) hopefully this book can top the nonsensical s**tshow that was Empire.

Italian Supreme Court to Rule Whether Amanda Knox Should Be Retried [CNN]

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