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Judge of the Day: Wade McCree’s Shameless Game Up for Debate in Judicial Misconduct Charges

It’s not really fair to use the moniker “Judge of the Day” for Judge Wade McCree. With his third appearance in a “Judge of the Day” feature, he’s crossing into Judge of the Decade status.

After sending a compromising picture to a married bailiff and allegedly hooking up with and impregnating a litigant in his courtroom, the state of Michigan has filed a formal complaint against McCree. What’s wrong with Michigan, by the way?

The 21-count complaint includes a number of new allegations against McCree….

First, let’s catch up on the core allegations against McCree:

According to the complaint, McCree, who is married, pursued Geniene LaShay Mott who had a child support case before him in March 2012.

McCree, 56, got Mott’s personal phone number from her case file in May. The two became involved in an affair later that month.

The complaint also alleges that McCree and Mott discussed her child support case and whether the defendant in the case, Robert King, should be forced to pay Mott $2,500 in cash or be forced to wear a tether.

McCree admits to the affair. Not so much the allegation, backed by text messages, that this affair ended with Mott pregnant and Judge McCree asking her to get an abortion.

But the new complaint from the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission expands on these allegations with some new details:

— “C’mon , U’r talking about the ‘docket frm hell,” filled w/tatted up, overweight, half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes … and then you walk in,” read a text message allegedly sent from McCree to Mott dated June 30, 2012

I would credit Judge McCree’s game, but that’s actually cribbed from Romeo and Juliet.

— McCree ruled favorably for a relative of Mott’s while they were engaged in their affair.

Because, why not?

— McCree lied to investigators about when he ended his relationship with Mott and when he removed himself as the judge in her case.

You know what they say, “It’s not the extramarital affair and the fixing of judicial outcomes for your honey on the side, it’s the cover-up.”

Judge McCree denies pretty much everything except the affair, because lest we forget, he’s “got no shame in [his] game.”

In keeping with his defense that these allegations are trumped up, McCree accused Mott of stalking and extorting him and filed a complaint to that effect with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. Meanwhile, the judicial powers-that-be haven’t bought it and suspended McCree without pay last month.

According to the Detroit News, McCree faces censure, suspension or removal.

While McCree’s exploits entertain us, these allegations are an unfortunate stain on McCree’s family. His father, Wade McCree, Jr., was the first African American appointed to the Sixth Circuit by President Johnson. He later served as Solicitor General under President Carter.

When a lawyer once suggested that the elder McCree could not impartially adjudicate a case between black and white litigants, Judge McCree replied: (a) that he’d excuse himself if they could find a mulatto judge (HA!); and, (b) opined “the ultimate of arrogance is achieved when a white person thinks another white person can make a judgment without being influenced by race, and a black person cannot.”

His son apparently opined, “C’mon , U’r talking about the ‘docket frm hell,” filled w/tatted up, overweight, half-ass English speaking, gap tooth skank hoes.”

No one should accuse the apple from falling far from the tree.

Wayne County Judge Accused of Misconduct Over Affair [The Detroit News]

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