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Later, When Students Have Sex On Or With A Duck Boat, The Law School Will Regret Rationing Water

Did you know public drinking fountains were a Prohibition-era program to provide an alternative to liquor and beer? More factoids from Ken Burns’s Prohibition at 11:00.

It’s about to be law school “prom” season. This is a fun season for Above the Law. Law students go out, get drunk, and have adventures. Then we write stories about it.

Then the law schools get embarrassed and make rules and engage in hand-wringing over adults drinking like children. It’s the circle of life.

I think concern over rampant student binge drinking is a little overwrought, but then I heard about the school that will be rationing free water at the prom this year and thought, “Boy, way to not do the one thing that would really help….”

Honestly, I don’t think law schools should much care about the level of drunkenness of their students when they go out to blow off a little steam. We’re talking about future lawyers: their livers need training just as much as their brains.

But, if we’re going to care, then shouldn’t we at least give students free water at law school drinking events? Water is like kryptonite to an alcoholic. Making it abundant and free is a great way to get people to slow their roll.

At Boston University School of Law, free water will be provided at the law school prom, but only a limited amount at a special time. From a tipster:

Good morning BU Law!

In light of the cost of water at law prom, SGA, Dean O’Rourke, and Dean Marx will be providing a limited amount of free water to students. The water will be put out in the middle of the evening. We hope this will alleviate some of the cost for students.

Everyone needs to bring a government-issued ID. If your ID is from another country (LLMs), you need to bring a passport.

9-10pm is cocktail hour, with surprise live entertainment!!

You must be at Park Plaza by 10:30 in order to receive your two drink tickets. Anyone who comes after that time is not guaranteed drink tickets.

Do the BU Law deans have to manually pump the water up out of a well? Why the restrictions on water?

And while we’re here, what’s with the “show me your papers” stuff for LLMs? Do they really need their passports? Isn’t showing up to the prom in a Maserati wearing leather pants enough identification?

Again, I don’t think schools should really care too much about these “law prom” events to begin with. Just make sure that the event venue has few sharp objects and decent insurance coverage.

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