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A 2L at the Center of a Political Sex Scandal

Councilman Dan Halloran

New York City Councilman Dan Halloran was already mixed up in some trouble. Federal prosecutors had named him in a criminal complaint for wire fraud and bribery arising from an alleged failed campaign to get Democratic State Senator Malcolm Smith on the Republican ballot in the NYC mayoral race through bribery.

Now the Republican official can add sex scandal to his problems.

According to the New York Post, Halloran was cheating on his wife with his assistant, then 21, who is today a 2L at a top law school. She’s presumably dealing with finals while fielding calls about her old boss and/or boyfriend…

Meaghan Mapes is a 2L at UVA and newly selected as next year’s Managing Editor for Business for the Journal of Law and Politics. In 2010 and 2011, she was a St. John’s student and Halloran’s deputy chief of staff. The Post’s sources seem to think Mapes didn’t do much real work, but that’s because her real title was more like “Deputy Chief of His Staff.”

A former roommate of Mapes claims that Halloran was sleeping over twice a week:

Her former roommate said [Mapes] started bringing [Halloran] to the apartment around the summer of 2010.

Halloran would sneak in and out of the apartment using a side door, and the two were glued to the hip, the roommate said.

“He was dating someone who was in college… I don’t know how he pulled it off,” said the roommate. “He’s not attractive.

“He was constantly around. It was really annoying. Thank God he never came out with his shirt off.”

Ha. But the same source claims not everything was fun and games between Halloran and Mapes:

The roommate said Halloran was constantly bickering with Mapes.

“When he was dating my friend, he would do stupid, immature things to make her upset. He was an a–hole and a creep,” the roommate said. “She would tell us he was the member of some stupid religion.”

Stupid religion, you say?

Halloran and his wife are practicing Theodists — a pagan religion where members drink from horns and play combat games while wearing medieval garb.

Hold the f**king phone! A neopagan LARPer in his 40s? How is this guy picking up 21-year-old co-eds? Was she just putting out so he wouldn’t sacrifice her to Odin?

For full context, Theodism is a pagan religion founded in the 70s, and Halloran runs his own sect of it. When you run your own religious sect, you’re flirting with cult territory.

Going to UVA must have been such a culture shock for Meaghan. There aren’t really a lot of Theodists on campus. It’s hard to pop the collar on a ceremonial robe.

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