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ATL March Madness: The Law Firm With the Brightest Future — Final Four

Poor Wichita State, huh? The team was robbed of a finals appearance by a terrible held-ball call. The terrible call would have been more palatable if it weren’t for the fact that the NCAA should have known better than to put Karl Hess on that officiating crew. Hess made a team go the wrong way and shoot baskets for the opposing team earlier THIS SEASON. So color me unsurprised when Hess botched a call to end the game. So much drama.

Meanwhile, in the ATL March Madness bracket, we finally got some drama with some big upsets and close calls….

The bracket:

Wachtell remained safe, closing out the Dewey bracket. But its opponent in the Final Four will not be Cravath as many may have thought. Gibson Dunn, fresh off its defeat of top-seeded Cahill, whipped second-seeded Cravath by 12 points. Congratulations to Gibson for becoming the lowest-seeded participant in the Final Four. It may not mean much against the juggernaut that is Wachtell, but maybe there’s some magic left in this Cinderella.

Meanwhile the top seeds in the other half of the bracket both fell. Kirkland edged Quinn Emanuel by 9 votes — a .4% victory — to cut down the Brobeck nets. Down in the Heller region, Paul Weiss (briefly unfairly excluded because I mistyped the bracket into the polls last week), took out Sullivan & Cromwell by 8 points.

Voting closes for this round on THURSDAY, APRIL 11, at 11:59 PM (Eastern) to allow us to set up the Final matchup to run through next weekend.

Which firm has the brightest future?

  • Gibson (59%, 2,127 Votes)
  • Wachtell (41%, 1,499 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,626

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Which firm has the brightest future?

  • Paul, Weiss (54%, 1,878 Votes)
  • Kirkland (46%, 1,605 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,483

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For those interested in the final results from the Elite Eight round, they appear on the next page.

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