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Caption Contest Winner: Baby, Baby, Baby, Law

Last week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this photo:

You then voted on the finalists. Now it’s time to announce the winner of our caption contest….

As is customary with our caption contests, we will now reveal the backstory behind the picture. This photo was taken inside of a Philadelphia subway car (and who knows, maybe it even passed through the same terminal as Temple Law’s most disingenuous employment advertisement yet).

As a true Belieber, I was sad to see that my favorite entry — the one that put a solo-practice spin on “As Long As You Love Me” — came in fifth place, but my second-favorite entry stole the whole show.

Without further ado, here’s the winning caption:

Think you can’t recover damages? “Never Say Never.” Call Bieber Law and get that “One Time” settlement you deserve.

Thanks to everyone for suggesting comments and for voting. If you wrote the winning caption, feel free to email us, subject line “Caption Contest Winner,” to claim your prize (an ATL t-shirt).

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Caption Contest: Baby, Baby, Baby, Law

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