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Happy Administrative Professionals Week!

Ed. note: This is the fourth installment in a new series of monthly posts, brought to you by Corporette’s Kat Griffin, which will deal with topical business and lifestyle issues that present themselves in the world of Biglaw. Send your ideas for columns to us here.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s that time of the year: time to tell the world how much you love your assistant that you’re a great manager by showering your assistant with gifts. Technically the “holiday” runs the entire last full week in April, but Administrative Professionals’ Day itself is Wednesday, April 24.

What’s the deal?

What to Get

In my Biglaw experience, Administrative Professionals’ Day gift paled in comparison to the holiday gift for secretaries — and a shared gift was fine. In fact, in the last Corporette poll on secretarial gifts, the vast majority of people gave less than $50. Keep in mind that at least part of your gift should be something showy, though — now’s the time for a big floral display. (Or a big balloon display if your secretary is allergic to flowers.)

The purpose here isn’t so much to tell your secretary how much you appreciate her, but rather to tell the world that yes, you remembered it’s Administrative Assistant’s Day, and yes, you are capable of ordering flowers for your secretary without her assistance (although, in general, flower-buying is one of the tasks you can delegate to your assistant).

Readers, how much are you spending on your administrative assistant or secretary this week (cash plus gift)? In general what kind of things do you delegate to your assistant?

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