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Law Revue Video Contest 2013: Honorable Mentions

Let this post serve as a reminder to vote for your favorites in our annual Law Revue Video Contest. Voting closes tomorrow night.

In fact, tomorrow is going to be kind of a big day here on Above the Law. You are definitely going to want to check in with us tomorrow.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the law revue videos that didn’t make our cut for finalists, but were still interesting enough to be seen by the ATL audience…

We’re going through the honorables in alphabetical order. First is another submission from Columbia Law School. We generally pick just one finalist per school (to prevent vote splitting); this is the one that didn’t make the finals:

Personally, I probably liked this one better than the boy-band one that made the finals. This video was happy, topical, and has a great message. CLS really does these law nerd videos right.

Over at Emory, they gave us a Les Mis spoof. Honestly, we expected (with dread) more of these. As Russell Crowe proved in the movie, trying to sing these songs in public when you can’t can ruin your career. And make others want to push you off a bridge. But Emory had a nice twist here; they kept their songs in excerpt form:

The singing was quality. The jokes weren’t very funny, and Jesus Christ with the douchebag talking heads, but this was a neat take-off on the obvious parody.

At GW Law School, the song choice was inspired:

Isn’t that a great vignette on pulling an all-nighter? And I like the costumes. Basically, if the star of the last two GW videos didn’t have to go on and graduate, this would have been a finalist.

Miami already had one video make our Dishonorable Mentions. This effort was better:

Dear Miami Law… what the hell happened at last year’s barrister’s ball that you didn’t tell your friendly neighborhood ATL editors? You guys have Twitter but can’t send a damn text message? This could have made the finals if anybody knew what the hell you were talking about.

UVA has already had a lot of fun at our expense. Here they’re taking shots at law firms:

This is really funny. It’s like Kool-Aid-drinking UVA Law students fulfilling their ultimate destiny to become Kool-Aid-drinking Kirkland & Ellis associates.

Finally, here’s a nice submission from Washington and Lee. The biggest problem is that Taco Bell just used this Lionel Richie song, only in a more funny way:

Dude, don’t trust the B at Washington and Lee.

Thanks again to everybody who submitted a video. And don’t forget to vote in the finals.

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