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A Summer Associate Hook-ups Poll: The Criss-Cross Stratagem

Hooking up with summers…

Some firms bar the practice altogether. Others turn a blind eye. Putting aside firm policy, there is a possible moral conundrum. On the one hand, there is a power relationship at play, bringing the situation into the realm of sexual harassment. On the other, the extent of influence an associate holds over the future employment of a summer is roughly 0%, so why should anyone care? It’s a dilemma.

And then there’s the fallout to consider.

Enter these genius/creepy bros from the D.C. area. They have a plan to hook up with the summers and avoid all (or at least some) administrative and moral obstacles….

This story comes to us from Texts From Last Night. For those unfamiliar, TFLN compiles funny and anonymous texts identified by area code:

(202): We have a vagina exchange agreement. Neither of us can hook up with any of our own law firm’s summer associates. So we have a scout and referral program and invite each other to the other firm’s summer events. Criss-cross!! Works every summer.

This could obviously work as a cock exchange agreement, too. No reason to render it gender-specific. Now that these trailblazers have let their game plan out of the bag, will you be employing it this summer? Do you have another strategy to suggest?

Will you employ the Criss-Cross Stratagem?

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