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Above the Law App Now Has Comments, So It’s Time To Bring Back Comment of the Week

Have you downloaded the Above the Law app? If so, you might want to check your “updates” and upgrade to version 1.1. And if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, now would be a good time. Because now the ATL app experience comes with comments and a tips button.

You can read comments on your phone or tablet device. You can leave comments on your phone or tablet device. That’s comments and tips that are completely untraceable by the people you work for. Yay increased anonymity, what could possibly go wrong?

Now that comments are more accessible than ever, we’ve decided to bring back our “Comment of the Week” feature. A free ATL t-shirt to the person who comes up with the best comment each week. As before, the criteria for Comment of the Week are whatever the heck we want them to be. Some weeks, it’ll be funny. Some weeks, we’ll care about who gets the most likes. Click through to see who would have won comment of the week last week….

I don’t remember if Haterade has won a t-shirt for a Comment of the Week before. And he won’t win one now, even though this comment is pretty much what we’re going for:

House Mystal of Seal Rock
Sigil: A walrus quartered with a Crimson H.
Words: “A Mystal never pays his debts” or “We do not pay loans” or “Family. Duty. RACEISM!!” or “Tacos are coming.”

House Zaretsky of the Reach
Sigil: An overflowing chalice of Fanta and Bath Salts.
Words: “THEY IT IS!!”

House Lat of Dorne
Sigil: The Flayed Face of Rich Housewives
Words: “That castle is FABULOUS.”

Patrice: Born of the coupling of a tavern wench and a baker. Currently serving as Fool in the court of a minor lord.

Mmm… tacos.

Download the app, sponsored by WestlawNext. DOWNLOAD IT NOW: here on iTunes, here on Android. Then comment. Then win a T-shirt.

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