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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Greeting Card Maker

We know how much our readers enjoy greeting cards. Our annual holiday card contest here at Above the Law is one of our site’s most popular (and positive) features.

But what about cards for other occasions? So many of them are clichéd or lame. And the number of events that they speak to is definitely underinclusive.

A former Biglaw associate is here to help….

Meet Keisha DePaz, founder of a greeting cards company, Punch Street. Her company’s cards tackle tough topics such as teen pregnancy, rehab, incarceration, bullying, and sexuality. They also cover traditional greeting-card events, but in clever, creative ways.

Being an entrepreneur can be a risky path. But DePaz, who snagged a job with a top law firm despite not going to a Biglaw feeder school, is up for the challenge. She explains her path through the legal profession and the genesis of her business in this interview with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law:

Learning marketing lessons from Lady Gaga makes sense. But who knew that watching an episode of The Wire could be so inspirational?

Despite the rise of e-cards, printed cards remain a multibillion-dollar business. And companies like Punch Street, with a distinctive market niche, are poised to capture market share. Good luck to Keisha DePaz as she continues to build her business.

Stealth Lawyer: Keisha DePaz, Greeting Cards Maker [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]

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