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Career Alternatives for Attorneys: Religious Ministry

Over the years, I’ve met a fair number of ministers who have become lawyers and lawyers who have become ministers. Maybe this shouldn’t be surprising, given the commonalities between law and organized religion. Both fields are built around rules, give great weight to precedents and higher authorities, involve age-old institutions, and are generally dominated by men.

So maybe it’s not shocking to hear about someone who went from being a Biglaw partner to a minister and university chaplain. But it’s still quite interesting and unusual.

Let’s learn how one lawyer went from working for The Man to working for The Man — Upstairs….

Luther Zeigler practiced law for more than 20 years at a leading law firm, where he made partner and even served in firm management. But a series of major life events, including the passing of his mother, caused him to reflect on and rethink his professional path. He describes his remarkable journey in this interview with Bloomberg Law’s Spencer Mazyck:

It’s interesting to hear about how naturally his legal skills translated into his work as a minister and university chaplain. It’s nice to hear that he has no regrets about not going into religious ministry earlier — and that his firm was so understanding and supportive as he made the switch in fields.

And Reverend Zeigler’s advice to lawyers who are looking for greater purpose and meaning in their careers is most sage. If you feel anxious or adrift, professionally or personally, you should definitely check out the interview and heed the good reverend’s wise words.

Stealth Lawyer: Reverend Luther Zeigler, Minister [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]
Rev. Luther Zeigler [Harvard University]

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