Lawyer Extorted For Breast Implants

She’s the most annoying woman on television, right?

If Staci were here, I’m sure she’d have some punny thing to say about trying to leverage small breasts into a more “prestigious” pair.

But the story really isn’t as salacious as it should be. Yes, there’s a woman trying to extort money for breast implants. And yes, she was trying to extort the money from a lawyer… so we get to write about it. But instead of some kind of hot itty-bitty office sex gone wrong, this story is more like a bizzaro Progressive commercial where Flo tries to get a rack installed on her chassis…

The Boston Globe has the story (gavel bang: ABA Journal). The alleged extortion didn’t arise out of a clandestine affair or compromising pictures. Instead we got here because of a traffic accident:

The lawyer called State Police Sunday to report he had bumped [24-year-old Deborah Yi] with his car while turning from Seaport Lane onto Congress Street, the statement said. He told police that he had stopped his car and exchanged contact information with Yi, who indicated that she was uninjured.

An hour later, Yi allegedly called him and said she would not press criminal charges if he gave her $7,000 for the [breast enhancement surgery], the statement said. The lawyer told police that Yi called and texted him more than 10 times over the next 48 hours demanding payment, the statement said.

Man, this doesn’t sound like Hollywood movie extortion, this sounds like what happens when you get into a fender-bender with a crazy bitch.

The lawyer called police and they set up a “sting.” He gave Yi $3,000 and she allegedly demanded another $3,500, at which point she was arrested:

State Police arrested Yi following the meeting, and she allegedly admitted that she knew extortion was wrong, but said that she thought she could make easy money, the statement said.

Yeah, well, unfortunately I guess it’s more difficult for girls with underwhelming breasts to make easy money.

Roxbury woman allegedly tried to extort lawyer to pay for breast enhancement operation [Boston Globe]
Boston woman is accused of extorting lawyer to pay for breast implants [ABA Journal]

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