Monsoon Inside Florida Courthouse

Your Honor, I object

Turns out, it rains in Florida. I know this because the entire state is basically a reclaimed swamp whose natural, soggy wildlife has been replaced by hot women.

Unfortunately, there are some people in Florida that don’t understand that it rains there often. These people seem to be in charge of the maintenance of one South Florida courthouse. You see, occasionally the government actually needs money to function properly. Otherwise you end up needing a kayak to go to court…

The Southern District of Florida Blog has some pathetic video of the federal courthouse in Broward County. Click here to see the videos. They show water literally raining down into the courthouse. Here’s what it’s like to be in the jury box:

The disgraceful conditions have not gone unnoticed by Donald Graham, the Acting Chief Judge of the Fort Lauderdale operation. He (and predecessor Judge Frederico Moreno) have sent multiple letters to the General Services Administration (GSA) demanding that justice be done without the need of SCUBA gear. But David Oscar Markus reports that the GSA’s position is that the courthouse won’t be fixed until February 2014. That drew this strongly worded response from Judge Graham:

Hey, it’s the start of hurricane season. Maybe the GSA is just hoping the courthouse gets blown down and then they can start over?

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