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Morning Docket: 05.30.13

* Obama nominates a Bush Republican to head the FBI. James Comey was on all sorts of Bush short lists. Kumbaya. [New York Times]

* A nice summer reminder: this woman didn’t recover damages from Great Adventure water ride injury. Here’s another reminder: Six Flags destroys Disney. [New Jersey Law Journal]

* NASDAQ gets BTCHSLAPD. [National Law Journal]

* Meanwhile, Total Oil is also getting slapped by the SEC. Looks like somebody over there ate their Total. [Breaking Energy]

* The “elitist white boy” approach to law enforcement gets called out. Bobby Rush is now my hero. [Talking Points Memo]

* Darius Kingsley, a former Treasury official, is the new co-general counsel of JPMorgan’s commercial bank. [Corporate Counsel]

* Florida Governor Rick Scott can’t randomly drug test all state workers. I’d be in favor of random drug testing for Rick Scott voters. [Reuters]

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11 Responses to “Morning Docket: 05.30.13”

  1. guest says:

    Staci, there’s a typo above. You accidentally posted this under Elie’s name.

  2. Brocaine_Brandy says:

    I’m not familiar with the term “BTCHSLAPD,” but if it means getting fined $10M for putting on an illegal short that results in $10.8M in profits it sounds like something I might be interested in.

    More important, Staci, how’d you miss the today’s Dealbook story about KKR hiring Patreus to head some institute that “will include Ken Mehlman?!?!”

    I thought the ATL orientation materials were quite clear that Mehlman is just a smidge below Scalia’s son on the list of NYC residents whose whereabouts and activities are top priorities for you peons to keep track of!

    -Not David Lat

  3. TTTroll says:

    *White politician recommends mass arrest of Chicago’s largest (black) gang.

    *Black politician immediately resorts to racist epithets, and recommends that any monies that would go towards a gang crackdown instead be spent on “job creation and job training”.

    *(Because everybody knows that those 18,000 Gangster Disciplines really only want to make a honest living and all they need is a little free job training, TLC and a great big hug.)

    *Elie claps and cheers, reposting the racist epithets, ’cause that’s how he rolls.


    • Elie Mystal says:

      You support arresting 18,000 black men. I don’t think “racist epithets” means what you think it means you sick fuck.

      • vinceclortho1 says:

        Elie, isn’t he supporting arresting 18,00 gang members? Are they all black? If they are breaking the law, should it matter what color their skin is?

        • mt45 says:

          Elie doesn’t even understand Rush’s critisism. He got just hard at the pejorative term “white boy”. Rush isn’t saying it’s racist to to arrest black criminals. He’s saying that that Kirk is looking for a cheap headline and that there isn’t really any tactical substance behind the idea. Even if you could find 18,000 crimes to charge, the court system would be overwhelmed, nobody would go away for long, and none of the root issues are addressed.

      • TTTroll says:

        To Elie, skin color is always the most important consideration by far.

        Also, I missed the memo that said if you take exception to the use of racial epithets, that means you share the same views as the target of the racial epithets. Did they teach that in Logic for Harvard Law Students 101?

  4. Supraman says:

    You’re not wrong about the Six Flags being the better park Elie. This is just a friendly reminder that in a few short years the amount of cash you’ll be spending on Disney-licensed products will make law school look cheap.

  5. mt45 says:

    I clicked on the link just to see what the “lower class, urban black” solution to Chicago gang crime was, but there was nothing. Can anyone fill me in?

  6. I don’t support arresting 18,000 gang bangers no matter what color they are. Its far more efficient to simply shoot them. This is why Texas has much less crime than Chicago. Gang bangers know which neighborhoods to stay out of

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