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3L Becomes Interim Director of Admissions — Or Not?

Here we go:

The description does consistently identify the “Assistant Dean,” presumably Frank Motley, who in LaFleur’s estimation must have the title “Actual Director of Admissions.”

Maybe LaFleur really was guilty of an innocent mistake, specifically that “interim” does not mean “intern to.”

The good news is that LaFleur was acting with the authority of the admissions department when he reached out to prospective students. A simple vocabulary mixup doesn’t cause any permanent damage to prospective students or the school.

But if you’re planning on getting LaFleur a graduation gift, a thesaurus might be a good option.

UPDATE: Or better yet, give that thesaurus to the law school’s administration. IU’s communications department has sent an update stressing that it wasn’t LaFleur who chose the title “Interim,” but the administration itself. Oops.

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