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Applications So Shockingly Low That Law Schools Are Now Admitting Newborn Babies

Day by day, law school applications continue to tumble. As of May 31, applicants were down 13.2 percent and applications were down 18.6 percent from last year. As we’ve mentioned previously, this is the third year in a row that there’s been a double-digit percentage drop like this. Welcome to the reckoning.

Law schools are understandably scared by the precipitous drops in applications. While some are handing out admissions offers like candy, others are exploding scholarship offers to entice prospective students to join their ranks. Still others have been forced to think outside the box to come up with innovative ways to fill their incoming classes.

Have you heard of the “Just Diapers to Juris Doctors” program yet? We’ve got to hand it to this school, because it’ll be at least two decades before this new admissions program turns into “Just Debt”….

It appears that New York Law School is now admitting infants. It kind of makes sense to do this sort of a thing: they’re already hosting full-on Dr. Seuss symposia, so why not just start inviting children to attend? They’d surely be able to teach law students a thing or two about pooping their pants and crying over the simplest of things.

Here’s the offer letter from NYLS, signed personally by Dean Anthony Crowell. Our tipster notes, “[A]fter once attending NYLS myself, I must say if true this is ridiculous.” Slow your roll there, buddy. We don’t think NYLS is actually admitting babies; we think the school is celebrating a recent birth with humor:

One of our tipsters pegs Tyler’s mother as member of an NYLS class that graduated or will graduate sometime between between 2012 and 2014. She declared via Facebook that Dean Crowell is not just the dean of NYLS, but also the “Dean of Awesome.” With a warm response like this to a student or recent graduate becoming a new mother, we’re inclined to agree with her assessment.

Congratulations, Born Scholar! Here’s hoping New York Law School is ranked again by 2034!

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