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Pulling ‘The Hangover’ In Real Life Will Get You Arrested, Sued

I think we all know that you can’t really trash a Las Vegas hotel room like they do in the first Hangover movie (and maybe the third, I haven’t seen it). It’s a movie. You also can’t dodge bullets or become a freed slave who kills white people and gets paid for it in the antebellum South.

Of course, most of us didn’t go to a place that’s been called the third-worst law school in America. One attorney’s high-roller birthday party in Vegas allegedly cost the Encore $96,270 in damages and labor costs, and you can’t get out of jail from that by letting a fat kid Taser you…

I admit, I buried the lede a little bit. The best thing about this story is the quote from Los Angeles attorney Robert Pearman when confronted with the damage and destruction after his birthday party. From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

“I take full responsibility for what happened here. We were partying,” Pearman told police. “I did all of this. I am responsible for all these people. Let my people go.”

Again, in the movies, this is an awesome scene. It takes place at the Luxor and Pearman, played by Greg Kinnear, says, “Let my people go.” Then Pharaoh, Jason Momoa, curses him. But just then, IRS agents come to take Momoa away for tax evasion and ignore all the damage done to Momoa’s sole asset (’cause they’re played by real IRS agents).

But in real life, it just doesn’t work as well:

The lawyer yelled at Encore staff in front of the officers and named the hotel’s owner, Steve Wynn, police said.

Pearman said he is a lawyer and “will depose Steve Wynn, and make this place Napalm,” police said. Napalm is gelled gasoline used in flame throwers and bombs that sticks to whatever it lands on and prolongs the burn.

The lawyer refused “many opportunities” from Encore staff to pay for the damage, police said.

Pearman was booked at Clark County Detention Center. His next court date in Las Vegas was set for July.

Wynn Las Vegas LLC filed a lawsuit against Pearman in April seeking more than $10,000. Pearman’s Las Vegas lawyers responded to the suit Monday and blamed a “third party” for the damage, court records show.

Yeah, so in the movie of real life, Pearman is played by Nic Cage’s character from Leaving Las Vegas. He slurs, “lawyer… NAPALM…” and probably grabs his crotch every time someone asks for his wallet. Pharaoh, played by Steve Wynn, shouts, “Take him to the dungeon.” And after two minutes, he flips and starts diming out his boys.

I do think that all the movies about Vegas make having an “epic” time in that city so much harder to do. If you go anywhere intent on having the “night of your life,” you’re almost bound to be disappointed, and that goes double in Vegas. Heather Graham is not going to marry you. You are not going to win at craps. Chances are, nobody will even notice you enough to feel the need to kick your ass.

Think about it this way: this guy, who even had access to a room where there are $96,000 worth of things to be damaged, was a Los Angeles “workers compensation” attorney. He makes a better living than I do, to be sure, but workers’ comp? That’s not exactly glamorous. He’s not a spy. He’s not an agent. But in Vegas, he’s a “high roller.” Come on.

With his kind of money, instead of pretending to be cool at the Encore, I’d spend two weeks in Phuket… where you could actually slip a tiger Rohypnol and then drive around without it being that big of a deal.

Lawyer trashes Las Vegas luxury suite ‘Hangover’ style [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

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