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The Eyes of the Law: Sonia’s Shopping Spree

It’s sure been a long week for the justices of the Supreme Court. Like any girl who just wants to relax after a rough couple of days, Justice Sonia Sotomayor went on a shopping spree. Her Honor treated herself to some retail therapy after bringing gay couples the joy of joint federal tax returns.

Where did she go, and what’d she buy? Perhaps a pair of peep-toe pumps? We can only hope…

Here’s a quick item from the Reliable Source column of the Washington Post:

Sonia Sotomayor strolling down Main Street in Annapolis Wednesday afternoon with a posse of about a half-dozen folks, probably a mix of law clerks and security. Hey, it had been a busy couple of days at work, what with DOMA and Voting Rights Act rulings and all — we’d bail out early too, if we could. Casually dressed: Khakis, orange scoop-neck tee. Stopped in a couple of stores, including Seasons Olive Oil & Vinegar Taproom; unclear if she bought or just browsed.

Justice Sotomayor really is a Wise Latina; orange is HOT this summer! Not only is the justice a fashionista (unlike some of her colleagues), but she’s also into the latest health trends. Her Honor, the third wealthiest justice on the Supreme Court, was obviously shopping for olive oil to indulge in its natural antioxidants. With the exclusive exception of RBG, nobody likes a wrinkly justice.

Justice Sotomayor bumped into Rich Madaleno, Maryland’s only openly gay state senator, during her shopping trip — and by “bumped into,” we mean he literally chased her down to shake her hand. “When [else] do I get a chance to run into a Supreme Court justice and say thank you and tell her what this means to my family?” he wondered. After all, it’s not every day that one can commend a Supreme Court justice in person for her participation in a landmark victory for gay rights.

Next time you go shopping, Justice Sotomayor, consider buying yourself a pair of espadrilles. Not only would they go quite well with your fiery personality, but they’d make your world all the more beloved.

Hey, isn’t that . . . ?: Sonia Sotomayor [Washington Post]

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