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The Eyes of the Law: The Apple of Her Eye

We should have known that the Fisher opinion was going to be a letdown — a “great big dodge,” as my colleague Elie Mystal put it. Instead of readying herself for an historical moment, Justice Elena Kagan spent yesterday doing some window-shopping.

Where did she go, and what merchandise did she check out? Here’s an eyewitness report….

Check out these two back-to-back Facebook statuses of a friend of mine (used with permission):

Supreme Court justices: they’re just like us! They browse in the Apple store, but don’t buy. No wonder the stock is tanking. (Disclosure: I own some AAPL, but thankfully I bought it a few years ago.)

For the record, and with all due respect to Justice Kagan’s brilliance and overall fabulosity, I disapprove of Her Honor’s sartorial sense. Sweatpants, for a Sunday afternoon strolling around tony Georgetown? And a pair of crimson Toms? Did she find those in the remainder bin at The Coop?

Next time you’re in the Apple store, Justice Kagan, treat yourself to the iPhone 5. Given your estimated net worth, which is probably in the seven figures, you can afford a new phone — as well as a new outfit, and some peep-toe shoes to go with it.

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