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The Law Schools With the Highest — and Lowest — Median LSAT Scores

In case you haven’t heard by now, the number of people who are putting down money to take the LSAT is at a 30-year low. But some people are absolutely reveling in the the dearth of competition — with the extreme drop-off in applicants over the last three years, now is obviously the best time to apply to law school.

With the June administration of the LSAT less then a week away, there’s no better time to wave high scores in prospective law students’ faces. There’s also no better time to show these 0Ls the scores they shouldn’t be aiming for on this exam.

U.S. News compiled a list of the law schools with the highest median LSAT scores, and we compiled a list of the law schools with the lowest median LSAT scores. Here they are….

According to the Short List blog of U.S. News & World Report, the median LSAT score for all 193 ranked law schools is 157. Schools that weren’t ranked by U.S. News weren’t included in this calculation, but we suspect that the median would’ve been a little lower had they been considered.

Here are the top five law schools with the highest median LSAT scores:

This was expected. Of course students from top law schools have the highest median LSAT scores. U.S. News provides a list of 13 schools in total — sadly, Boalt Hall and Cornell didn’t make the list, but Vanderbilt managed to sneak in. Congratulations, Vandy — your students are better test takers than some who consider themselves T14 material.

As for the ranked law schools with the lowest median LSAT scores, here they are:

To be fair, there were quite a few law schools tied with a median LSAT score of 152, but we’ve included some of the more highly ranked schools here. The Short List blog claims that of all ranked schools, Southern University has the lowest median LSAT score, with a 145. But SULC isn’t a ranked law school, and it seems to be tied with Phoenix for the school with the lowest median score.

It’s good to know that sometimes even U.S. News misses something, isn’t it? Luckily, we here at Above the Law have got our own set of rankings for you to peruse at your leisure if you haven’t already.

Did your school make either one of these lists? Feel free to lament or laud your alma mater’s placement and median LSAT scores in the comments.

Law Schools With the Highest Median LSAT [The Short List / U.S. News & World Report]

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