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Want To Leave the Law and Travel Around the World?

When was the last long trip you took? For many of you, especially those of you who work at law firms, it might have been you post-bar-exam trip or your honeymoon. But it was probably a really long time ago.

How would you like to go on a trip that never ends? How would you like to leave your office behind and visit different countries, learning about different cultures and expressing yourself along the way?

If you have a camera and a laptop, you might be able to turn this dream into a reality….

Photography and lawyers don’t always go well together. Sometimes they spawn litigation and other messes.

But today’s tale of a shutterbug attorney is a happy one. Eric Mohl, a former corporate lawyer, talks about his transition from practicing law to taking photographs in different countries. Mohl’s pictures have appeared in such publications as National Geographic, Escape, Outside, and Elle. Check out his interview with Bloomberg Law’s Spencer Mazyck:

It’s pretty great that he gets to work so closely with his wife, Karen Catchpole. He takes photographs of the places they visit, while she writes about them. They post to their travel blog, Trans-Americas Journey, and they contribute articles and photographs to a wide range of publications. Like many freelance creative types, they also do some consulting work to help pay the bills.

Right now they are in Panama, slowly working their way through all of North, Central, and South America. Their work isn’t as lucrative as legal practice, as Mohl explains in the interview, but they’ve been able to make it work. So far they’ve been traveling for more than six years.

Travel, nature, and the great outdoors — what’s not to like? Good luck and safe travels to Mohl and Catchpole as they wind their way through the Western Hemisphere.

Stealth Lawyer: Eric Mohl, Freelance Photographer [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]

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