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Alleged Adult Store Ankle-Biter Acquitted, But Was Witness Tampering Involved?

[L]et’s try to help the person, she obviously had a bad night, and we don’t need to continue to hurt her dignity about this issue. So let the court do what the court’s supposed to do, and please, we don’t need to have theatrics around this issue.

— Alderman Tom Tunney of Chicago’s 44th Ward, in a voicemail message left for the owner of an adult sex shop about assistant state’s attorney Sarah Naughton, the “apparently intoxicated” prosecutrix who allegedly bit the leg of one of the porn purveyor’s employees, while the scandalous case was still pending.

While Naughton was acquitted of all charges in April, Tunney was recently found to have abused his authority by attempting to “tamper with” a potential witness in Naughton’s criminal investigation.

(Read on to hear Tunney’s message, and see footage of Naughton’s arrest.)

Here’s Tom Tunney’s message for Mark Harris, the owner of adult store Taboo Tabou:

And here’s (rather embarrassing) video of Sarah Naughton’s arrest, filmed last September:

We wonder if this vocal vixen is back to work at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. Either way, we wish Sarah Naughton the best of luck in the future. We hear she’s a real ankle-biter in court.

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