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George Zimmerman’s Lawyers Too Exhausted To Go On, But Judge Is Too Pissed To Care

Judge Nelson is tired… of your sh*t.

Your Honor, we’ve been working very long hours.

So have I!

— an exchange between Mark O’Mara, one of George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys in the Trayvon Martin murder trial, and Judge Debra Nelson, after a 12-hour day in court. When defense attorney Don West piped up to say he didn’t think he could “physically keep up this pace much longer,” Judge Nelson gathered her belongings in a huff and left the courtroom, ignoring him.

(Keep reading to see video footage of the incident in question.)

Tempers flare at Zimmerman trial as defense attorneys complain to judge about long hours
[Miami Herald]
Zimmerman trial judge storms off bench after 13-hour trial day [South Florida Sun-Sentinel]
Exhausted defense lawyers in Zimmerman case plead with judge to cut their hours in the courtroom [ABA Journal]

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