Anna Chapman

Because she’s relevant again.

Before the media fixated on Edward Snowden’s crazy overseas adventures, there was a story about how the NSA created a series of hyper-aggressive surveillance programs. The outrage over private contractors scanning everyone’s metadata fell away so quickly you’d think a powerful clandestine organization masterminded a propaganda effort to move all the attention to the tangential stories of how the Moscow airport TGI Friday’s is lame and whether Snowden’s abandoned girlfriend is hot or not.

Now Anna Chapman’s involved in the story somehow.

Well, the brains behind this year’s Law Revue contest winner didn’t lose the ball in the media shell game and put together a parody of the NSA’s domestic spying efforts.

And he’s repping his Above the Law t-shirt throughout the video, too. Thanks for putting all of us on a watch list, guys…

Without further ado:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Heartbroken’ dancer girlfriend of Edward Snowden he abandoned in Hawaii feels betrayed after her ‘world caved in’ – even if he kept her in the dark to protect her, friends reveal [Daily Mail]
Anna Chapman Spy: Playboy, Maxim Star Hints Edward Snowden Girlfriend Rumors, Proposes on Twitter, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Pokes Fun at NSA [Fashion & Style]

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