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Law School Graduates: Let Them Bake Cake

What should unemployed law school graduates do when they can’t find work and can’t feed themselves? A certain great French princess — although not Marie Antoinette, FYI — might say, “Let them eat cake.”

But not everyone can afford cake. Debt-burdened young (and not-so-young) lawyers don’t want to spend dough; they want to make it.

Perhaps literally as well as figuratively. Do you have some talent in the kitchen? Here’s an inspiring story for you….

Meet Warren Brown, the former federal government lawyer who founded CakeLove, the exceedingly successful D.C. bakery with six locations in the Washington metropolitan area. How did he make the jump from health care law to baking? Brown shares his story with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law:

It’s not surprising that Brown’s legal background helped him in dealing with contracts and navigating administrative channels. But his reflections on the similarities between secured transactions and baking definitely caught me by surprise.

Congratulations to Brown on all of his achievements. CakeLove celebrated its tenth anniversary some time ago, and Warren has gone on to write books (affiliate link) and to host a television program.

If you have baking talent, you might be able to cook up a second income stream — or even a second career. Just ask Warren Brown, who knows the sweet taste of success.

UPDATE (7/5/2013, 10:30 a.m.): In case you’re wondering, yes, the interview was recorded a while ago. Our friends at Bloomberg did not produce a new career alternatives video this week, on account of the July 4th holiday, but they encouraged us to share this goodie from the archives.

Stealth Lawyer: Warren Brown, Baker & CakeLove Founder [Bloomberg Law via YouTube]

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