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The Ultimate In Law School Funded Employment: Symplicity Posts Opening To Be Dean Of Your Law School

I don’t know about you, but I would love to be a law school dean. Hell, I’d be the dean of the crappiest law school available. I’d crush the faculty, elevate career services, bottom-out tuition, teach “business management” courses during the useless third year, and ask 0Ls to submit a “career business plan” instead of a personal essay when they apply.

So… where do I send my application?

Actually, there’s a law school in Texas that posted its deanship opening on Symplicity…

On the Top Law Schools “Vale of Tears” forum (for 3Ls with no job, which is really the law school equivalent of being a prostitute during a herpes outbreak), a poster shared an ad from SMU’s Symplicity page:

Well, that’s just funny. You can see the full ad on the next page.

In fairness, that is one way for SMU Dedman to really employ its own graduates after graduation. Maybe they can change deans every year so at least one extra graduate gets counted as employed every class.

We reached out to SMU about why the school is using its Symplicity page to post a job for something that is clearly not designed for its young job seekers. We received a prize from Karen Sargent, the Assistant Dean of Career Service, who is also part of the school’s search committee for the new dean:

Symplicity is a job board for graduates too. And we have a significant number of alums registered. We post a number of positions for graduates, and on the first of the month all graduate positions are sent to the BYU Intercollegiate Job Bank for national distribution through our graduate job bulletin.

The Dean position has first been posted with The Chronicle of Higher Education and a number of other publications and organizations covering a wide outreach to diverse potential applicants.

Well, I’m not sure how proud you want to be that SMU graduates are still trolling around the school’s Symplicity page. But there you go.

All joking aside, it’s cool for the school to get alumni recommendations on who its next dean should be. I’d have thought that the alumni newsletter was the way to do that, but if they want to use Symplicity, that’s cool too. I think that in this market, the jobs board should be used for jobs that are actually available to students and graduates, but I’m not the dean of SMU.

Unless somebody wants to nominate me. I’d be willing to move to Dallas. I work for cheap. I’d have instant credibility with prospective applicants who are looking for the truth. And I’d bet you’d all suddenly really want to read the SMU Law Review. Come on, you’re telling me that I couldn’t instantly distinguish “SMU’s jobs based approach to legal education” from, say, Baylor?

Just give me whatever package Eric Dickerson got and let’s do this.

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