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Heidi Fleiss Busted For Running ‘Bordello of Bud’

It’s been some time since we checked in on Heidi Fleiss. The infamous Hollywood Madam, who spent the 90s as the top entry on Charlie Sheen’s speed dial, spent 20 months in the federal pen for tax evasion and joined the washed-up quasi-celebrity circuit. After appearing on both Big Brother and Celebrity Rehab, Fleiss faded away.

But now she’s back in the news after the police raided her house and allegedly found an abundance of illegal activity.

So what’s Heidi up to these days?

Instead of prostitution, Fleiss was busted for growing almost 400 marijuana plants. Per TMZ:

Heidi Fleiss is a MARIJUANA BARON … so say authorities in Nevada who charged the former Hollywood madam with pot possession after finding nearly 400 plants on her property, TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement, officials pulled up to Heidi’s home in Pahrump on August 7 looking for another woman … when they stumbled upon a gigantic weed farm.

Eventually, officers made contact with Heidi … who admitted to owning the plants and said she was growing the weed for a “cooperative in Las Vegas.”

Problem is … Heidi doesn’t have a license to grow.

But she’s in a state where prostitution is actually legal! Say what you will about Fleiss, she was by all accounts a smashing success in her chosen field of pimpery. So once she gets to a place in life where she can practice her profession in peace, she appears to have gone out and launched a different criminal enterprise? Maybe that “frontal lobe dysfunction” that Dr. Drew diagnosed her with is more severe than originally thought.

True, Heidi’s criminal record made starting a legal brothel in Nevada more difficult, but not impossible. She had talked a big game about the “Heidi Fleiss Stud Farm” or the White House replica sex den she was going to build.

Instead she bought $200,000 worth of exotic birds and started growing weed by the truckload. Medical marijuana is legal in Nevada, but even with a valid license, Fleiss could grow only seven plants, which is hard to confuse with 392.

On the subject of those birds, there’s a lot of speculation that sheriff’s deputies did not arrest Fleiss during the bust because they thought her extensive bird collection prevented her from being a flight risk. The lesson, of course, is that if you plan on illegal activity, couple it with a ridiculously expensive hobby and you can avoid arrest. I’m going to run out and get five or six Ocelots.

Fleiss faces a possible six-year sentence if convicted of maintaining a home where drugs are used or sold.

Which is just one more reason she should have maintained a home where whores are used or sold.

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