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How To End The Bar Exam In Style

As bar exam week wraps up, we have some delightful stories about how people celebrated the completion of what could be the last test they’ll ever take.

None of these stories are coming out of Massachusetts, which means that none of these people finished the bar while being harassed about their fundamental religious rights. Instead, we have stories about beer and (unrelated) car accidents.

But we’re going to start with the guy who left the bar exam in a limo, because clearly that’s the right thing to do…

This picture was snapped outside a testing center in Texas:

Sometimes, when Texas does Texas correctly, Texas is awesome.

And having a limo take you from the bar means that you can do the thing that you must do after the bar with impunity. That “thing” is “drinking heavily,” of course. Comedian Matt Ritter was out after the California Bar Exam trying to help people out with that.

True story: the last thing I remember about the day I finished the bar exam was saying to a friend, “I’m probably not going to remember anything after this,” as I downed another shot of tequila.

Of course, I didn’t drive home that night. In fact, even if I hadn’t been drinking, I wouldn’t have tried to operate a motor vehicle in the dazed, post-bar state. But I live in New York; not everybody has that luxury.

In Virgina, you have to drive home (sober, of course), and one test taker got into a little bit of a fender bender after leaving the bar. But it wasn’t the worst way to end the bar taking experience. Our tipster explains:

After Day 1 of the exam my hotel roommate and I got into my car to drive back to the hotel. About five car lengths from the right turn that would take us to our hotel, I was rear-ended while waiting at a red light. Fortunately no one was hurt and my car was still drivable (though my bumper is a little sad). However, I had to call the Roanoke police and wait for them by the side of the road (with the cars in place, sort of blocking traffic) in order for the police to make an accurate accident report. While waiting a white car pulled up behind the car that hit me, and we quickly rushed over to explain that the cars wouldn’t be moving any time soon.

But then the driver of the car leaned over and said, “No, I just took the bar exam too, are you ok? Do you need food or water?” Fortunately, we had a stash of snacks and water in the car, so we were fine. But, I was deeply touched by the moment of generosity and concern from a complete stranger. In a moment that could have been a complete nightmare for me, some other law graduate whom I didn’t know went out of their way to make sure I was ok. And amidst the craziness that is sitting for the bar exam, it was really appreciated.

Really, that’s the best way to finish up the bar exam: by going back to being a regular, kind, decent human being. You know, pretty much the opposite of the Massachusetts proctors at WNEC.

Have a great weekend, folks. You all deserve congratulations for your efforts and a little rest and relaxation. I’ll see you all in a couple of weeks.

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