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Law School Rankings: Who Has The Most Important Professors?

Being a legal academic is probably a lot of fun. You can act like a complete jerk with zero repercussions. Your job is pretty safe so long as you don’t work at a sinking law school. And you can write the most ridiculous tripe and pass it off as research.

Have you ever wondered which law school has the most cited academics?

No? Well, here you go anyway.

Using Brian Leiter’s patented “Scholarly Impact Score,” here are the top 10 law schools in terms of cited academics….

Ready for some rankings? Let’s countdown to number 1 and include a representative example of each school’s scholarly output from the year:

10. UC-Berkeley: Don’t Take the Brown Acid — A Critical Analysis of Beauchamp v. Dow Chemical
9. Cornell: Justice William O. Douglas and… Dear God It’s So, So Cold Here, Please Hire Me To Move Anywhere But Ithaca
8. Vanderbilt: Zen and the Art of the Frivolous Cyberporn Lawsuit
7. UC-Irvine: Guess What? It’s an Election Year So You Have to Cite Us! by Rick Hasen
6. Columbia: Rethinking Affirmative Action Scholarships
5. NYU: No Real Point Here, I Just Need To Publish This To Collect My Under-the-Table Bonus
4. Stanford: Wait a Minute, How Did We End Up Out of the Top 3 Here?
3. Chicago: A Collection of Random Variables and Symbols That Signify… Something?
2. Harvard: Symposium: Ironically We’re Talking About Privacy
1. Yale: Suck It Haterz!

Okay, maybe some of those weren’t real articles.

The whole list of 71 schools is available at TaxProf Blog.

The 71 Most-Cited Law Faculties [TaxProf Blog]

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