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Lawyer Allegedly Fondles His Clients, But ‘Only The Special Ones’

Midwesterners may represent the most wholesome portion of our population, but their lawyerly brethren have allowed their libidos to get the better of them.

Take Kenneth Kratz, the sexting district attorney from Wisconsin who once notably told one of his victims, “You may be the tall, young, hot nymph, but I am the prize!” Another fine example is Reema Bajaj, a young solo practitioner in Illinois who pleaded guilty to engaging in prostitution (and was also accused of trading sex for office supplies).

Now we’re hearing about a public defender who was allegedly unable to keep it in his pants. Coles County Public Defender Lonnie Lutz held his position for 33 years before retiring in June. In the final years of his service as PD, he allegedly took advantage of the attorney-client relationship by repeatedly sexually harassing and fondling his female clients, but not all of them — “only the special ones.” The sweet nothings Lutz allegedly whispered to his “special” clients are quite… graphic in nature.

Is Lonnie Lutz just a horny old man? Let’s find out…

The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission recently filed a complaint against Lutz alleging unwanted sexual advances toward women he represented as public defender. The Journal Gazette & Times-Courier does an excellent job of breaking down the charges, but stops short of describing the most outrageous allegations of them all — perhaps because they were too graphic to publish.

Here’s just a little tidbit of what Lutz’s clients allegedly experienced during their time with him:

Lonnie Lutz

“During their conversation, [Lutz] then stood up, reached over to [the woman] and hugged her, then kissed her on the mouth, and put his tongue in her mouth,” the complaint states. “[She] said nothing but did not return the kiss.”

Lutz then said he could work something out with the state’s attorney on her case, and started rubbing her back, the complaint states. He allegedly asked the woman if his rubbing her back “felt good.” She responded that the “whole thing” made her nervous and upset, according to the complaint.

“[Lutz] then reached down and touched [the woman’s] breasts, over her shirt and reached between her legs and rubbed her vaginal area,” the complaint states. “He then put her hand on his pants, over his erect penis, and said “see what you do to me?”

What she did to him was cause him to bring the legal profession into disrepute, at least according to the IARDC’s complaint. Another woman who had the (dis)pleasure of entering Lutz’s office asked him if he treated all clients the same way, to which she claims he replied, “Only the special ones.” Yet another woman alleges that when she asked Lutz if he had any Saturday appointments, he told her, “I do if there is a pretty blond woman.” Move over Ken Kratz, because it looks like there’s a new prize in town.

The most disturbing allegation of all can be found in the complaint. It seems Lutz had a special affection for the woman whose mouth he supposedly shoved his tongue into. Not only did he allegedly offer to tie her to a bed, but it seems like he wanted to give her some additional pro boner representation:

When [Lutz] and [the woman] were in his office following the court hearing, [Lutz] did not discuss her case. Respondent locked the door, and kissed [the woman] and again inserted his tongue into her mouth. [Lutz] touched [the woman’s] breasts under her shirt, and touched her between her legs, over her pants. He also rubbed her shoulders.

[The woman] started to leave and [Lutz] asked her to come back the following Saturday “when no one was there.” [The woman] asked why, and [Lutz] said “I want to lick your pussy and suck your clit.”

Perhaps it was Lonnie Lutz’s member that needed to be tied down instead of his clients. We wish this cunning linguist the best of luck in his legal proceedings, because he’s probably going to need it.

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