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Lawyer Perk Watch: Attorneys Unlikely To Die Horribly At Work!

Look, it’s a tough economy, you take your good news where you can get it.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report called “The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.” What a great euphemism for the “Workplace Death Files.”

It turns out the most dangerous jobs really are logging and fishing. Transportation accidents also account for the highest rate of fatal at-work accidents. That means that reality shows like Ax Men, Deadliest Catch, and Ice Road Truckers are actually about pussies who don’t do their jobs in a very hard-core way, otherwise there would be at least one on-screen death per season.

Lawyers have the safest jobs, according to this report. So I guess we’re not counting “suicide” as a workplace accident….

The Atlantic has a great summary of the most interesting aspects of the report. I think my favorite takeaway is the Atlantic’s advice to never, ever work outside for a living:

When I was a kid, my mother used to say she’d be happy with whatever I wanted to do as long as I had an “inside job.” I used to think she just didn’t want me sharecropping. But clearly I never exhibited the skills to safely work outdoors, with my hands, without harming myself or others.

In any event, keep in mind these accident rates if you are a lawyer looking for clients. In terms of overall lawyer safety, the Atlantic says this:

Just eight people in the legal industry died at work last year, tied with computer and mathematical occupations for the lowest of any category. Finally, a reason to go to law school.

Well… going to law school might be a straight ticket to working an outdoor job in this economy. I’d actually probably watch a reality home construction show that features nothing but law graduates turned construction workers. “Today on Construction Esquire, the team works on a liability shield….”

How to Not Get Killed at Work: A Graphical Guide [The Atlantic]

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