Last week, we toured the $5 million estate of a renowned plaintiffs’ lawyer down in Texas. We mentioned that this legal eagle was fleeing his finely feathered nest in favor of even better abode: a $14 million mansion, smaller in square footage than the old house, but with a much better location.

Now it’s time for us to check out the new digs. This mansion has “only” 12,000 square feet, compared to the former home’s 14,000 square feet, but it has many other things going for it….

Tony Buzbee. You’d smile too if you just bought a $14 million mansion.

The lawyer in question is Tony Buzbee, the scourge of BP and the rescuer of damsels in distress. His 10-acre estate in Friendswood, a Houston suburb, is on the market for $4.75 million, because he and his family have moved into a $14 million mansion in River Oaks, which sits on just an acre of land but is much more centrally located.

We refer to the house as a $14 million mansion, but Buzbee probably paid less because he paid in cash. He wants you to know, though, that he didn’t get much of a cash discount. As he told the Houston Chronicle, “The owner wasn’t budging that much.”

Here’s what you can get for ten figures in Houston….

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