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Things You Can Do With A Law Degree: Sexy Money Bunny

Marni ‘Money Bunny’ Halasa

If anyone needs career advice on what they can do with a law degree, send them my way. They too can fight for social justice while wearing a gold spandex onesie and bunny ears!

Marni Halasa, social justice activist, in remarks made yesterday after a successful protest against HSBC. As we recently discovered, Halasa is a graduate of the U. Pitt. School of Law and an ex-journalist for the New York Law Journal.

(Keep reading to see what else she had to say, and to see more pictures.)

Marni Halasa did all of the PR, including inviting all of the reporters, to this well-attended protest, and she even wrote the press release to be sent out post-event. Here’s a relevant segment from it:

Money Bunny was there, of course, in full regalia with a spandex gold jumpsuit. And although she forgot her man-eating money fan, she still wore her signature boa of $100 dollar bills and sturdy inline skates, ready to rock and roll over the toes of naughty bankers.

“HSBC did more than look the other way to a few shady transactions,” she explained. “The bank repeatedly defied government orders to discriminate between legitimate and illegitimate money. Then, they wise-talked the government into a settlement to preserve the bank’s license. Really? Maybe it’s time for someone (with a fluffy tail!) to step in and regulate the regulators, craft settlements with teeth, and prosecute those that deserve it. Maybe it’s time for Money Bunny to wield her carrot of justice!”

Hmm, we don’t think those “naughty bankers” would mind. See the rest of her pictures (click to enlarge):

The Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking Working Group after Everett Stern’s press conference.

Money Bunny with HSBC Whistleblower Everett Stern

Money Bunny says, ‘HSBC is not above the law!’

We wish Marni Halasa the best of luck in all of her endeavors. If you’d like to chat with her about becoming involved in social justice ventures, you contact her through social media.

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