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Want To See Judge Joe Brown Drunk? Well, Here You Go….

When CBS told Judge Joe Brown that he was getting canceled in March, it seemed as though the world would lose its second-favorite celebu-judge.

Thankfully, Judge Brown has not become a stranger. Hitting the town the other night, Judge Joe Brown allowed himself to be taped in an impromptu interview with other revelers. And what interview is complete without some young hotties draped around the subject?

No, the Judge has not gone gently into that good night.

He may have stumbled though…

The full video of the soused jurist is below. As he informs us, he’s been drinking “double Bombay Sapphire and…” well, he actually loses his train of thought there.

When the interviewer jokes, “I’m not guilty,” Judge Brown responds, “F**k that s**t. I did that 20 years ago. I don’t do that bulls**t anymore.” Or five months ago. Either way.

One thing is for sure, Judge Joe Brown is a smooth-as-hell player. There are a couple of women in this video that the Judge characterizes as “LTYJ.” If you don’t have your copy of Black’s Law Dictionary handy, that means means “Luscious, Tender, Young & Juicy.” Despite his smooth stylings, Judge Brown is very, very fond of his “50-year-old wife.” Not sure if she’s happy that the whole internet knows she’s 50, but Brown’s wife, Deborah Herron, does look amazing for 50.

All in all, Judge Joe Brown seems like an awesome guy to hang out with. He’s not a pretentious dick about having been one of the highest-paid people on TV for years, which cannot be undersold. He interacts with his fans and just has fun.

See Justice Ginsburg, retirement can be awesome!

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