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Whistleblowers And Traitors: Snowden, Manning, And The Rule Of Law

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Whether one considers mega-leakers Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden to be courageous heroes or dastardly traitors — apparently there’s no middle view — the legal implications of their cases are undeniably fascinating. There is a tension between one set of laws which encourage individuals to blow the whistle on government wrongdoing, while another set imposes the harshest civil and criminal penalties for disclosing secrets.

ATL has partnered with our friends at Lawline to bring you a fascinating CLE program and networking cocktail reception surrounding the recent leaks of U.S. government data. Criminal defense and whistleblower attorney John Howley will illuminate how these laws have been applied in controversial cases from Daniel Ellsberg to Snowden and Manning. Gain an appreciation for the complex ethical issues lawyers face when advising and representing whistleblowers and alleged traitors.

Please join us for either the CLE course or networking reception on September 18. Or better yet, both.

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