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Guess What Entry-Level Job This Unemployed Lawyer Is Seeking

You already know the job market is rough out there. Lawyers are taking contract jobs, paralegal gigs, becoming shepherds, and generally debasing themselves. But how low can it really go?

This leaked cover letter from a law grad seeking employment is the latest tale of woe from the market.

The letter, reprinted below, describes the applicant’s law school education, right before begging for a job in food services…

This is the lawyer looking for work as a Deli Clerk. I guess it’s a kind of clerkship (via Imgur; click to enlarge):

Poor kid. Getting thrown out into the uncaring world after successfully escaping the trauma of a haunted law school.

The Reddit community pointed out that the applicant is only seeking a short-term job while waiting for bar exam results as though that’s an encouraging fact. While we can all hope for this recent Hofstra grad bombarding the New York and D.C. markets with résumés, the odds are this deli counter job would become more than a short-term gig.

At least the letter is short and direct, unlike the ramblings of some applicants. But why foreground the law degree for a non-legal job? Moreover, why ever mention that your goal is to bail on the job as quickly as possible? Redditor Logical_Fallacy_Here translated the cover letter into real talk:

Dear employer,

I have a law degree, and I am waiting for my bar results. This will make you think that I think that I am overqualified for this job, whether I actually do or not. I am also telling you up front that I plan on looking for other jobs while working for you, establishing up front that I am a flight risk. I’m not sure how much on the job training a part-time deli clerk needs, but rest assured that it will be wasted on me. Also I live with my parents. I’m not sure how that’s relevant but I just thought you should know.

As reflected in my resume, I can bring no more to this job than can a recent high school graduate. Three years of law school have left me with no marketable skills whatsoever, and my last work experience was at least three years ago, during undergrad. I have given two of the customary three references, as, again, I don’t have much work experience.

Please hire me. I am not too proud to beg.


Best of luck to the wannabe deli clerk on finding a job using that law degree soon.

But if that doesn’t pan out, does anyone think Hofstra will admit one of their grads is working the grocery counter in its employment data? I’m doubtful.

Obviously, this is not the job anyone entering law school expects to be applying for three years later. Hours of slicing ham and swiss can’t compare to spending the night at the printers.

But let’s look on the bright side: unlike associates toiling away in a law firm, deli counter employees feel the warmth and appreciation of NFL superstars:

The job market for recent grads is rough… [Reddit]

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