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Klassy Student Posts All His Offer Letters For His Fellow Students

Social media is a blessing and a curse. On the plus side, it allows people to share news and easily keep in touch with friends and family. That’s good.

It also allows tools to broadcast their douchebaggery to an even larger audience at the speed of light. That’s bad.

And it allows someone else to create a fake profile and rip that tool anonymously. That’s very good for this site in particular. For instance, now we can debate and ask you to take a reader poll below….

This story is about people who Geaux to the LSU Law Center. One unknown 2L decided to post pictures of his offer letters to the Facebook group for his entire law school section. In a world where jobs are relatively scarce, publicly bragging to your classmates about your offers is a bit gauche.

Enter the anonymous “Mistah Trooth,” who serves as Mister Manners down in the Bayou:

I award Mistah Trooth full credit for #protestantworkethic.

Mistah Trooth also took to the group to speak frankly of the struggles facing an aging prospector in this legal market and exactly why it’s bad form to crow about offers in a group filled with fellow students:

The good news for Mistah Trooth is that just a couple hours ago he got a callback from a public defender’s office. Something he saw fit to post on his personal Facebook page.

Where it belongs.

Elie here: I take JoePa’s words above as a defense of Trooth’s Facebook shaming of the guy who actually got jobs. I’m also forced to believe that JoePa would enjoy sipping bathtub whiskey in a croc-infested swamp with some guy who pronounces “Mr. Truth” like he’s been spending time at Adam Sandler’s voice-acting camp. But once you break through the homespun charm of Cajun etiquette, we’re left with a guy who took time and effort away from his own job search to express anonymous butthurt about somebody else’s success.

I’m not standing up for the douchebag who posted his offer letters on Facebook. That seems douchey to me, and I think all adults of conscience. We have criticized such people in the past.

But at the point where you are creating a fake Facebook account and writing words like, “It is emotionally difficult for me to see pictures like this when I have not gotten many interviews at OCI this year,” you need to examine your motives. I mean, Jesus, did the bad offer letter man make you cry? Show me on the doll where the pictures touched you. It’s my job to shame gunner pricks who post inappropriately on Facebook. I’ve, literally, got nothing else better to do for money. It’s your job to… get a job. Or a therapist. When you go to your interview with the PD’s office, are you going to tell them how you’ll make fake Facebook pages to make the cops feel bad for inappropriately arresting your clients?

The “truth” is, if you can’t beat ’em, don’t whine about your inability to join them on Facebook. And learn to f**king talk. It’ll help you in your interviews.

Please take our reader poll below.

Who is the bigger d-bag?

  • The guy who posted his offer letters online (84%, 1,982 Votes)
  • The guy who made a fake Facebook account to shame the other guy (17%, 404 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,367

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