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Lawyer Who Abandoned Ferrari To Help Client Gets A Handsome Reward

Back in July, we told you about Howard Levitt, a Canadian lawyer who was so eager to zealously advocate for his client that he abandoned his Ferrari in quickly rising floodwaters to get to a hearing on time. Levitt ultimately won the motion hearing, but wondered if he would lose his car. According to Levitt, prior to being filled to the brim with raw sewage in the flood, the car was valued somewhere “north of $200,000.”

In the end, Levitt’s luxury Italian sports car was deemed a total loss, but his insurance company was kind enough to cover the whole thing. But what of the poor lawyer who gave up a dream car to assist a client in need? Sure, he got some additional clients and new-found fame out of his press coverage — but would he be able to buy a new Ferrari, or would be be relegated to driving his “back up car,” a Dodge Viper?

Our readers will be able to take some joy in today’s news update, because the good people at Ferrari were able to turn this crappy situation into a car enthusiast’s wet dream…

For a refresher, bask your eyes upon this sad scene as Levitt’s 2010 Ferrari California takes a swim:

It didn’t take Levitt long to decide that he wanted a newer model of the car in the same striking metallic blue color. The National Post has the details on what happened next:

Howard A. Levitt

When [Levitt] went to Ferrari, the company was already familiar with the attention his last vehicle received.

“They gave me a deal I couldn’t refuse,” said Mr. Levitt. He wouldn’t give details on the exact discount but said Ferrari was “very generous.”

The retail price of the 2014 Ferrari California with the options he requested is around $300,000 after tax, he said.

Of course Ferrari gave Levitt a deal he couldn’t refuse. We bet his time at the dealership looked like this:

If you’re in the market for a new luxury car, take note: Ferrari apparently offers “decent human being” discounts. This is actually a great lesson for all of the lawyers out there: if you (and your car) have to go through sh*t for one of your clients, keep going, because you might be handsomely rewarded for it.

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