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So How Was OCI?

The law firm on-campus interview process is a peculiar institution. No other industry entrusts its entire entry-level hiring process to a series of superficial 20-minute “cattle call” interviews two years ahead of when the candidate will actually become a full-time employee. There is something contrived about the whole thing. (This old-ish video clip gives a good sense of the inherent absurdity.)

OCI is still underway at law schools across the country. Firms are currently hustling to interview students nationwide, make callbacks, and extend offers within an arbitrary 28-day window (per the NALP guidelines).

As we recently noted, opportunities to participate in OCI — which continues to be the primary entry point for law students into the largest and best-paying firms — are increasingly harder to come by in the current job market. The reality is, most students are on the outside looking in. Most will never be afforded the opportunity to land one of the few gigs that will actually give them a plausible chance of being able to pay off their student loans.

If you are one of the fortunate ones who just went through or is continuing to take part in OCI, we want to hear about your experiences….

So, you’re one those lucky students who has been wearing suits to school. Please let us know how OCI went. (For our editors’ musings on this subject, check out this podcast.) Did you have positive (or otherwise) interactions with the firm(s)? Which ones? What are the most important factors you consider before accepting a firm’s offer? What would cause you to reject an offer? What resources did you use in your research and preparations prior to OCI?

Please take a couple of minutes and take our survey here. Thanks!

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