I posted this on Friday, and then I remembered that law students don’t wake up on Fridays, so I wanted to mention again that the Above the Law Bar Review Crawl (sponsored by Kaplan) now has a sign up sheet, a schedule, and a party bus.

Below you can see our plans, and one person who signs up will be picked at random (on Thursday morning I assume) to join us as we bus around the city. Right now, I’m actually just interested in your music suggestions for the party bus playlist…

Here are the details, in case you missed them.

So… music wise, are there any “law related” tunes I should be thinking about? Remember that I’m old, and that my music tastes (as reported by one of my close friends) tend more towards “angsty white girl” as opposed to “self-respecting human.” The last thing I bought was a really excellent French production of Carmen (Bizet, not the pop singer for the love of God). The last thing I Spotified was various Nate Dogg hits. I like Liz Phair. I think I can sing Rent, in order, from memory. So help me out.

Also, don’t forget that we’ll be trying to live blog the festivities, so please come and say funny things that are worth blogging about. Cool? We’ll talk about this again on Wednesday.

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