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The Great ATL/Kaplan Bar Review Crawl: Now With Date, Time, Bar, and Prize Information

This coming Thursday, September 19th, the Above the Law crew will set out to crown the best law school bar in Manhattan. But you knew that already. The first 25 people who show up to hang out with us will have the option of having a free drink sponsored by Kaplan, but you knew that already too.

What you don’t know yet is where we’re going. You don’t know when we’ll be there. And you don’t know how to get on the party bus with us as we travel around to schools, liveblog, and do other party-bus-type things.

Now, after pulling teeth from the people over what bars they drink at, we finally have those details. We’re starting out at 5:30 p.m. around Columbia at The Village Pourhouse.

Check below for the sign-up form to be eligible for some additional ATL swag, Kaplan swag, and a seat on the bus, plus the rest of the schedule….

Here’s the deal with the sign-up: the first 25 people at each of our locations will get a ticket, and they can use that ticket to purchase a drink if they so choose (dear 1Ls, that’s a fancy way of saying “Above the Law has no social host liability for drinks provided to you by a licensed liquor purveyor” — yay!) In addition, ten people who sign up will get some kind of ATL-swag (likely a t-shirt, potentially some sort of card you can redeem to get out of one ATL shaming). Also, one person will be selected at random to join us on the party bus that will be shuttling us around the city. And trust me, the answer to “Can I write a guest post for Above the Law?” is going to be a lot more positive when the editorial team is three sheets to the wind.

So sign up:

Here’s the rest of the schedule. We’re starting at Columbia and ending at New York Law School. If you go to law school in the tri-state area but not in Manhattan, please feel free to join us at one or all of these locations.

Columbia: 5:30 – 6:15
Village Pourhouse – 982 Amsterdam Ave.

6:38: Elie starts spiking Lat’s lemonade with Southern Comfort.

Fordham: 6:45 – 7:30
Vallhalla – 815 9th Avenue

Cardozo: 8:00 – 8:45
El Cantinero – 86 University Place

9:00: Elie probably starts threatening white people.

NYU: 9:15 – 10:00
Trionas – 237 Sullivan Street

9:45: Alito time makes Staci uncomfortable.

NYLS: 10:30 – 11:15
Off the Wagon – 109 Macdougal Street

12:00: Patrice, finally in his element and surrounded by friends, murders Brocaine Brandy.

Plan “Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong” is full speed ahead. I hope to meet many of you and then promptly forget our interactions.

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