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Caption Contest Finalists: Law School Loans Will Be The Death Of You

Earlier this week, we asked readers to submit possible captions for this photo:

Let’s have a look at what our readers came up with, and vote on the finalists…

Here are the finalists, which were pretty great (a few with the most “likes” from readers in Disqus, and a few of the more underrated captions that received the most “likes” from yours truly):

A. Why would anybody need over 50 years to pay off $183,213? That’s barely one year’s salary.
— 0L

B. Looks like it’s time to declare bankruptcy.

C. Cross your fingers that your Department of Education loan officer is still furloughed 50 years from now…

D. You’ll be fucking dead before you pay off your student loans.
— First draft

E. Give him a break, at least Elie’s trying to do the right thing.

F. Law School, the school for smart people who suck at math.

G. Still beats a full ride from Cooley…

H. You’re telling me I might graduate with $183k of debt? Psst, no problem. I’ll just land a SCOTUS clerkship and knock that out in a year.
— 1L

I. You didn’t think I meant a law degree was worth $1 Million to you, did you?
Professor Michael $imkovic

J. Hello? Tech support? I keep getting getting the same error when I try to increase the number of blow jobs from 20 to 30 per month, but I don’t think I can go much higher.
Reema Bajaj

Please vote for your favorite caption in our poll, which will be open through SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, at 11:59 P.M. (Eastern time). Thank you very much!

What is the best caption for this photo?

  • A. (37%, 345 Votes)
  • C. (13%, 121 Votes)
  • F. (10%, 97 Votes)
  • J. (9%, 85 Votes)
  • G. (8%, 72 Votes)
  • D. (6%, 56 Votes)
  • I. (6%, 56 Votes)
  • E. (5%, 45 Votes)
  • H. (4%, 33 Votes)
  • B. (3%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 937

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